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Follow The Moon into the Ocean (EP) - April 2021


Nature Calling - Aug 2019

Yuu - March 2021

Waltz - Dec 2016

Patience - Dec 2016

J.B. - March 2020

Louise Terra - Event Horizon
Louise Terra

Louise Terra - Event Horizon

Event Horizon began three years ago as a collaboration between a talented group of human creators and resulted in an experiment with generative AI. The clip explores how live action performance and physical space filmed in high-definition video can be reinterpreted by machine thinking. The innovative outcome speculates on the experience of being sucked into a black hole, from the perspective of both humans and the algorithm. “The Event Horizon video clip is about the disintegration of time, space and corporality, and the porous relationship between humans and technology. My videos often work with emerging technology but generative AI is particularly unknown, inviting questions about authorship and obsolescence that we are yet to answer.” The concept behind this video was developed in late 2021 as a filmed live performance - part theatre show, part music gig - commissioned for a VR music festival. After 18 months of covid interruptions the music festival was abandoned, and this video was salvaged from the lost process. This video clip only reflects the collective faith of a group of artists creating art through a global pandemic, it tracks the stalled advent of the VR era, eclipsed by generative AI technology. Production Credits: Cocreator / Producer / Music - Louise Terra Cocreator / Director / Editor / AI Generation - Sarah-Jane Woulahan Cocreator / Spatial and Set Design / Costume Design - Erin Ender Cocreator / Art Direction / Production Design / Costume Design - Rachel Feery Cocreator / Art Direction / Costume Design - Jeannie Brown Cocreator / Video Artist - Sabina Maselli Cinematographer / Lighting - Stu Mannion Lighting Consultant - Jack Kenneally Terra Costume - Sarah Seahorsie Make up artist - Lou McLaren Audio Mixing - Casey Rice Venue sponsor - SHEBANG! Studio Assistant - Andy Markham Cast: Louise Terra - as herself Guides - Sabina Maselli & Jeannie Brown Particles - Zoe Stuart, Randi Wagner, Jules Chapple, Sam Hoffmann, Mars Hoffmann & Annie Apple. Special thanks: Henrik Ender, Bigband Studios, Andi Coventon, Michael Chalk, Minnie Ender, Rachel 'Fluffkin' Hanrahan, Samantha Bond, Sammaneh Poursh, & Aimee Turnbull. Generative AI created using Kaibar.
Louise Terra - Nature Calling
Louise Terra

Louise Terra - Nature Calling

‘Nature Calling’ is a 360० Virtual Reality Music Clip for the latest single release by Naarm / Melbourne musician and electronic producer Louise Terra, Co-produced and Directed by visual artist and film maker, Rachel Feery. Combining Feery’s interest in immersive cinema and Terra’s fantasy pop lyrics, this collaboration is imbued with the otherworldly and hyperreal. Premiering at Testing Grounds, the video can be experienced via virtual reality headsets, allowing participants to become absorbed in the game-play of Terra. Set in a series of desolate landscapes, akin to Mars or an impoverished Earth, We follow Terra’s journey, soundtracked by a score of deliriously hooky vocals, pounding rhythms and atmospheric synthesisers. ‘Nature Calling’ follows the journey of Terra, an intersectional, freedom, fighting, cyborg, who is depleted yet driven and challenged for her survival. Her futuristic combat wear, is stylised out of post-consumer-waste and made by artist and fashion designer Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor. In ‘Nature Calling’ there’s a duality. We see the connection and divide between our real and virtual selves. The simulated landscape of Terra’s world is alien and hostile, yet the scenes of her inner struggle are intimate and familiar. Nature Calling (song) Written, performed & produced by Louise Terra Director: Rachel Feery Assistant Director: Simon Winkler Producers: Rachel Feery and Louise Terra Costume: Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor Compositing Assistance and Graphics: Iolanthe Iezzi Editor: Rachel Feery Ambisonic Mix by Mark Mitchell VFX Composition Mark Dickson Performers: Louise Terra and Janie Gibson VR Production Advisor: Thomas Kinsman Hair and Makeup: Andi Coventon Chorographic Eye: Holly Durant Site Recce’ Advisor Ryan Jaffe Catering: Hannah Cuthbertson Thank you Rose Chong, Ishtar Darvell, Raphael Ruz, Michael Furner, Carmel O’Connor, Peter Desborough, Diane Gavelis, Nhariah Tran.




Dja Dja Wurung based artist Louise Terra is a composer and producer writing genre-busting electronica. Over the past seven years, Louise has been singing in disco out-fit Sugar Fed Leopards, all the while crafting an arsenal of mesmerising solo electronic music. With her voice, a few synths and a computer, she seeks out gorgeous yet unsettling sounds to mutate into deliriously hooky fantasty-pop. Louise Terra’s songs are time capsules by design; weird and beautiful offerings from an artist grappling with the existential conundrums of creating within the anthropocene.


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Louise Terra acknowledges that they live, work and create on the Jaara people of the Dja Dja Wurrung Nation, the traditional owners of this land. Louise Terra pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and recognises that sovereignty was never ceded.

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